Cwinz is Currently Inaccessible so Play at 42bet

42bet cwinz affiliate

Cwinz is currently having technical difficulties and is inaccessible. This is because of the large volume of site visitors registering and playing at our platform that our servers can’t keep up. While there are plenty of different reasons as to why a website is down, rest assured that the only reason that our platform is down is because of heavy site traffic.

We don’t want any of our loyal customers to be kept from playing casino games and betting on cricket matches, so we recommend trying out our affiliate platform, 42bet, while our own website is being maintained. 42bet is an improved version of our own platform and offers nearly the same gaming options as that of Cwinz, so the experience between the two platforms should be.

Players will be able to play most, if not all, of the games available in Cwinz in the 42bet platform while the casin.o bonuses may be different from what Cwinz offers. Players will have access to several sportsbooks, live casino providers, and RNG-based Indian card games. Registering at 42bet will allow players to use several casino bonuses of up to 11,111 INR for the first deposit bonus and up to 97,777 INR for a casino loss relief.

Why 42bet Casino?

Registering at 42bet allows players to take advantage of several casino promotions and have access to different betting options. These should be good reason enough to try out our affiliate platform.

Why 42bet Casino

42Bet Bonuses

42bet is an online casino and downloading the 42bet app will allow players to not only play casino games, but also use different bonuses and promotions.

Being an online platform, 42bet can afford to offer promotions due to its low operational costs when compared to that of traditional land-based casinos. Some of these bonuses are the following:

  • 9Wickets First Deposit Bonus up to 11,111 INR
  • 100% Loss Relief Cashback for 9Wickets
  • Casino Loss Relief Fund up to 97,777 INR
  • 9Wickets Single Bet Bonus up to 77,777 INR

Most of the platform’s promotions cater to cricket bettors, so it’s a good idea to frequent this platform when popular leagues are ongoing. The Loss Relief Fund is one of the most useful bonuses since it allows players to get some of their money back after losing a certain amount.

42bet Sports Betting

42bet is powered by several gaming providers, including several sportsbooks that allow players to bet on cricket matches. The most notable sportsbook with plenty of bonuses is 9Wickets, allowing cricket aficionados to bet comfortably. Other 42bet sportsbooks are the following

  • BTI Sports
  • SABA Sports
  • Crown Sports
  • Betswiz Sports

42bet Live Card Games

42bet is powered by multiple live gaming providers that give players a wide assortment of live casino games, ranging from the ever popular baccarat to the well-loved Indian card games that include Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

All live gaming providers offer at least a version of the classic baccarat game and others still offer specialized variations to mix up the game. Evolution Gaming and Ezugi Live are the top providers that offer a wide variety of live baccarat tables and other table games while providers like SA Gaming and AE Sexy tend to focus more on baccarat games.

Andar Bahar and Teen Patti tables are generally available in most providers, with Ezugi offering the most variations for both Indian card games.

42bet RNG Games

In addition to cricket and live gaming options, players can also play RNG-based games, with the most notable ones being RNG Indian card games. 42bet’s live andar bahar and teen patti games are player vs dealer games while the RNG card games are multiplayer games and are pvp.

JILI is notable for having multiple teen patti games, including the following:

  • Teen Patti
  • AK47
  • TeenPatti 20-20
  • TeenPatti Joker

These four titles in particular are from JILI Gaming, which also offers an assortment of slot machine titles. Other slot providers powering 42bet also offer some card games, but not as extensive as JILI’s portfolio.

Cwinz Unavailable

Cwinz Unavailable

Cwinz Casino is currently inaccessible due to heavy traffic and the servers can’t sustain the heavy load. Because of this, we recommend our players to play through our affiliate platform so you can continue playing games until we can fix our site.

Is 42bet Better than Cwinz?

While we recommend our customers to opt for 42bet for now, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is better than our own platform. Both casinos are affiliated with one another so there’s no harm in registering and playing there.

Is 42bet Better than Cwinz

We’ll leave judging whether 42bet is better than Cwinz to you, dear customer. Once our platform is fixed, you can start comparing both platforms to determine which one is better for you.

Play at 42bet today to continue your gaming journey. Come back to Cwinz once we’re done maintaining our site.