Andar Bahar Easy Steps to Play and Win

Andar Bahar is one of the most well-known card game variations played in India. The fact that there are more than three players contributes to the overall thrill of the game. The card game makes use of a deck that has 52 individual cards. Because the game lasts for such a short amount of time and moves rapidly, you will undoubtedly be able to take pleasure in winning. Although luck is an essential factor in Andar Bahar, you can improve your chances of winning by following the methods outlined in the following paragraphs, which will provide in-depth instructions on playing Andar Bahar in Cwinz.

how to play andar bahar

Rules for the Andar Bahar Game

The following is a synopsis of the Andar Bahar rules for your convenience:

Rules for the Andar Bahar Game
  • The player receives a payout of 25% on their first wager if the Joker appears in the first two cards or if they do not make a second bet during the game. If a player makes a double bet and wins, the initial bet will pay out at the same rate as the second bet
  • Players that come in last place do not collect any winnings and have their wagers removed in full.
  • After the Dealer has indicated that no more bets will be accepted, the players are not permitted to place additional wagers.
  • Do not take too much time thinking, as this may cause you to postpone the game. Because Andar Bahar is a game of pure chance, no official rule dictates how long a player has to deliberate before making a decision; yet, it is common knowledge that taking too long can aggravate both the Dealer and the other players.

How Scoring Works in Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar, much like most other online casino games, determines a player’s success or failure based on the number of chips won or lost. These chips stand for the amount of money the player brought into the casino and the amount the player took out of the casino.

How Scoring Works in Andar Bahar

When it comes down to it, these games are scored using your money, and the “Score” or how well you performed in a match of Andar Bahar is determined by whether or not you made money or lost money throughout the game.

Steps on How to Play Andar Bahar in Cwinz

These are the procedures that need to be taken to play Andar Bahar in Cwinz:

Steps on How to Play Andar Bahar in Cwinz
  • You can log in to your Cwinz account by visiting the website or using the mobile app. If you do not already possess an account, you will be required to register first.
  • When you are ready, look for “Andar Bahar” in the game choices or the search box after you have logged in. Access the game by tapping on it.
  • Get acquainted with the game’s regulations and the different wagering possibilities. In the straightforward card game Andar Bahar, players place bets on either the “Andar” or “Bahar” side of a single chosen card.
  • Determine the amount that you will bet. In Cwinz, you can select the proper chip value to place your wager.
  • Choose the betting area you want to use by clicking on it on the gaming interface before placing your bets. You have the choice of betting on Andar, Bahar, or any of the other betting alternatives that are now available.
  • After you have decided how much money to wager, you can start the game by clicking the “Deal” or “Start” button. The dealer will begin by randomly selecting a card from the deck and placing it in the table’s center.
  • After this, the dealer will begin alternatingly dealing the cards to the Andar and Bahar sides. Your objective is to correctly predict on which side of the deck the currently picked card will be played.
  • You can monitor the progression of the game and the number of cards that have been dealt to each side, even as the cards are being sold.
  • You will win the round and receive a payout determined by the game’s odds if the card you receive matches the side you bet on (either Andar or Bahar). You are eliminated from the competition if it does not match.
  • Play the game and place bets on each round until you opt to pay out or until you reach the point at which you want the game to end, whichever comes first.

Play Andar Bahar on Cwinz for Free or For Real Money

The Andar Bahar game, popular in India, has made its way online and is quickly becoming a fan favorite there. Many people enjoy the excitement of playing games conventionally without using real money, for no cost, or with virtual currency. That makes perfect sense. The fact that it can be played on mobile devices makes it a potentially enjoyable method to kill 10 minutes and pass the time. If you are still getting familiar with the game, you may still learn how to play without taking any risks.

Play Andar Bahar on Cwinz for Free or For Real Money

However, it is also true that many gamers like the rush that comes with winning while participating in casino games. When you are ready to play Andar Bahar with real money, it will be easy to discover a reputable operator, like Cwinz, to play with. After you’ve placed your wagers, take some time to relax. Andar Bahar is an entertaining social game that always provides the utmost fun no matter which choice you decide to play. 


Andar Bahar is a luck-based game, and there is no guaranteed strategy for winning. However, some players prefer to study card distributions and patterns to make informed betting decisions.

To answer your question, yes, Andar Bahar can be found in the game library of many online casinos. You can play without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Betting limits vary depending on the casino or platform you are playing on. They usually have a minimum and maximum bet amount, so check the limitations before placing your bets.


Andar Bahar is an easy card game that can be completed quickly and allows Cwinz players to earn real money. You will get more enjoyment out of the game if you take the time to study the guidelines and think carefully about how you want to wager your money.

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