Learn How Poker Hands Are Ranked

poker hands

Poker hands are the fundamental units of the game, and they are used to decide who the winner of each round will be. The strength of each player’s hand is evaluated according to their precise card combinations. The better the rank of the hand, the greater the likelihood that it will take down the pot.

Poker Hands With Little to No Value

To quickly recall the order of the four poker hands with the lowest value, remember the numerical sequence “0, 1, 2, 3.”

Poker Hands With Little to No Value
  • The value 0 denotes a “high card.” If you have no cards in your hand, the worth of your hand is determined by the value of the card you have as your highest value. Remember that the highest-ranking card in poker is an ace, while the lowest-ranking card is a 2.
  • The number 1 denotes “one pair.” A one is assigned to any hand that consists of only one pair of cards and no other valuable cards or combinations.
  • The number 2 denotes “two pair.” This particular hand consists of two separate pairs of cards.
  • The number 3 denotes “three of a kind.” It is the hand with the highest value among the low-value poker hands.

Poker Hands With a High Reward Value

For the sake of this piece, we will refer to any hand that is better than a three-of-a-kind as a “high-value hand.” However, many poker strategists believe that straight is a hand with little value. More than anything else, this comes down to a fundamental disagreement in philosophies and a problem with language.

For this reason and the purpose of simplicity, we like to think of straight as the sign “/” when trying to remember it. That indicates that the format of our mnemonic string is currently “0, 1, 2, 3, /.”

Poker Hands With a High Reward Value

If you count the number of letters in the hand’s name, you will find that it is much simpler to commit the order of the other high-ranking poker hands to memory. Because there are fewer letters at the beginning of the phrase and more as you progress through the scale, it is much simpler and easier to memorize.

We’ll explain it by breaking it down like this:

  • 5 – Five letters make up the word flush.
  • 9 – There are nine letters in the words “full house.”
  • 11 – There are eleven letters between the words “four of a kind.”
  • 13 – There are thirteen letters in the words “straight flush.”
  • 18 – There are eighteen letters in the phrase “royal straight flush.”

Methods to Help You Remember the Hand Hierarchy

We will not fool ourselves into thinking that the approach to learning hand hierarchy that we utilize is the only one that will ever be successful. According to our findings, the three strategies presented below are the most common ways players at the online casino use mnemonics. If you want to keep track of which hand is better than which other hand, you can use any of the four approaches explained in this post. You will be able to organize your strategies in advance and make intelligent decisions on your bids in this manner.

Methods to Help You Remember the Hand Hierarchy

Repetition and Remembrance

For some people, the most effective learning method is to review the content that needs to be memorized repeatedly. I’ve heard performers learning their lines by rote by frequently reading their scripts, playing cassettes of the hand while they sleep, and reciting the script. There isn’t a single justification that springs to me for why you shouldn’t give this approach a shot.

Diagrams of the Hand for Evaluation

Diagrams have been put together by various poker training programs and strategy experts to assist you in analyzing the hand you have been dealt. You can use these in poker rooms, and of course, you can use them online, as long as you don’t mind the other players at the table making fun of you and as long as you don’t care about the other players’ opinions. It would be best if you searched on the internet to find them at no cost quickly.

Exposure Regularly

When you play more hands of poker, you will get more familiar with all the regulations, including the rules that determine the order in which needles are ranked. You might experience some setbacks along the way due to your lack of expertise with hand rankings, but in the end, you will succeed in achieving your goal.

Poker Hand Rankings From Strongest to Weakest

The poker hand rankings are a crucial tool for making decisions when you’re playing the game since they classify the power of the numerous hands you can play and help you decide which hands are stronger. At the core of each poker variation is a standardized method for determining the order of poker hands. It provides a ranking of the relative strengths of each poker hand so that players may comprehend the game and decide which hand is the best. 

Poker Hand Rankings From Strongest to Weakest

Royal Flush

The highest possible hand in a game of poker is called a royal flush. It consists of five cards in a row, all of which are of the same suit, and their values range from 10 all the way up to ace.

Straight flush

A straight flush is any hand that does not contain a royal flush and consists of five cards of consecutive value in the same suit. The only hands that can beat a straight flush are a royal flush or a straight flush that uses cards with a higher ranking than the cards in the straight flush.

Four of a Kind

Four of the same card in the four suits. The five-card hand is completed by the highest card on the table or in your hand.

Full House

In one hand, you have three cards of the same value that are of different suits, along with two distinct pairs of cards of the same rank that are of different suits. In the event that more than one player has a full house, the hand will be awarded to the player who has the greatest value, which is three of a kind.


Five cards of the same suit shuffled and arranged in any order you like. If more than one player has a flush, the winner will be determined by the hand that contains the card with the highest value.


A five-card hand with consecutive numerical values and more than one suit might be considered a mixed suit. An ace can’t hold both a low ranking (below a two) and a high ranking (above a king) in the same hand, though.

Three of a Kind

A hand in poker consists of three cards of the same rank that are of three different suits. Completing the hand are the two highest available cards and the three-of-a-kind combination.

Two Pair

There are two distinct sets of two cards that have the same rank. The hand is finished with the card with the highest rank still available. 


A pair of cards that share the same rank but are of two distinct suits. The remainder of the hand consists of the three cards with the highest possible rank still in play.

High Card

The hand with the lowest possible ranking. Your “best hand” is determined by which card in your hand is the highest. It is the king of spades in this particular instance.


In a tie, the second-highest, third-highest, and subsequent cards are compared to determine the winner.

Bluffing works best when your actions align with the hand ranking you’re representing, making your opponents second-guess their decisions.

While a pair of Aces is a decent starting hand, its strength can diminish based on community cards.


The complex world of poker requires players to have a solid foundational knowledge of how poker hands are ranked to be successful. Each hand, from the unstoppable Royal Flush to the simple High Card, has its place and meaning in poker. You may improve your poker abilities and have a more exciting and gratifying gaming experience by internalizing these rankings and improving your strategic skills. This will allow you to enjoy a thrilling and rewarding game in Cwinz.

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