What is Slot RTP?

If you’ve been playing slots for any length or have just been watching streamers play online slots, you’ve probably heard the term “slot RTP” mentioned more than once. Even if you have no idea what the acronym RTP stands for, it is abundantly evident that it is a component that is quite important for an online slot game. We will explain everything you need to know about this idea, including how it is incorporated with slot machines and how it might impact your decision on which games to play or whether or not to play them.

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How is Slot RTP Determined Exactly?

How is RTP Determined Exactly

RTP is determined by employing intricate mathematical methods, which helps to guarantee that players will have a pleasant and equitable experience when playing the game. When calculating the slot RTP, the developers consider several different aspects, including the game’s design, mechanics, and payouts. Individual sessions or particular outcomes do not influence this formula; instead, it is based on the accumulated results of many spins.

Several Distinct Categories of RTP Slot Machines

The method of determining the RTP for a slot machine is sophisticated, and it becomes more difficult as the game becomes more complex. The game’s producers need to figure everything out so that, after everything is said and done, the game delivers precisely the percentage that was anticipated, even if there are a lot of features and a massive number of paylines involved.

Several Distinct Categories of RTP Slot Machines

To summarize, however, a slot machine is always programmed in such a way that it will give back the same percentage of the entire money that is inserted into it. A slot machine with a return to player percentage of 98% would, at the end of the day, give back 98 percent of all the money that is put into it over an infinite number of spins, even though the distribution of the RTP can change, which we will explore in a moment.

Many slot providers produce games with variable returns to player percentages. The return to player percentage of these slot machines may be broken down into three categories: low RTP, average RTP, and high RTP slot machines.

Why is the RTP of Slot Machines so Important?

The return to player percentage of slots is significant since it establishes expectations. A slot machine with a high return to player percentage is the most excellent option if you want to give yourself the highest chance of keeping the money you win. If your only goal is to walk away with as much money as possible, you should play the slot machines that offer the largest progressive jackpots.

Why is the RTP of Slot Machines so Important

RTP, or return to player, in slots refers to the typical amount of money a game gives back to its customers. If, for instance, the RTP of a slot machine is 95%, it returns players 95% of the money that is wagered on it. However, because the RTP for slots applies to all active games at any given moment, one player can win 0 percent of their wagers while another player can make 10,000 percent of their earnings from the competition. 

Low Return to Player Slot Games

Low Return to Player Slot Games

These slot machines have a return to player percentage ranging from 90% to 93%. Most slot machines with a low RTP have a Jackpot bonus feature with a reasonable payout range. Count Duckula, a slot machine with a vampire theme developed by Blueprint Gaming, is an example of a slot with a poor return to player percentage.

Slot Games with an Average RTP

Slot Games with an Average RTP

Slot machines in this category offer a return-to-player percentage of between 94% and 96%. Betsoft’s Monster Pop is a slot game with a return to player percentage of 94.7% and is an example of a medium RTP slot.

Games with a High Return-to-Player Percentage

Games with a High Return-to-Player Percentage

High RTP slots have a return to player percentage of between 97% and 99%. The Book of 99 slot machine from Relax Gaming is an excellent illustration of a high RTP slot since it offers a return percentage of 99% and a maximum win possibility equal to 12075 times your initial stake.

RTP Compared to Volatility

The slot volatility measures how frequently a game pays out, in contrast to RTP, which indicates the game’s average payback percentage. Compared to a game with high volatility, a slot machine with low volatility will pay out more frequently. Still, the amounts won will be significantly less than those won on a high-volatility slot machine. The RTP is unaffected by volatility, which does not affect RTP.

For illustration’s sake, let’s pretend that a slot machine with high volatility and one with moderate volatility both have an RTP of 96%. If a person participated in both games at a rate of one dollar every spin, they may anticipate the following results:

RTP Compared to Volatility
  • Low Degree of Uncertainty: Roughly half of the spins that result in a win fall somewhere between 0.10 and 5.
  • A High Degree of Uncertainty: Most of the spins do not result in payouts; however, large winners occasionally range from 25 to 50.

Similar to slot RTP, volatility refers to the overall configuration of the game. Since the game’s random number generator (RNG) ensures complete randomness, each slot machine has the potential to wind up giving out significant wins occasionally, low winnings frequently, or any mix between the two.


In the interest of full disclosure, providers of slot games must present the RTP on their respective websites. Three lines often express the return to player percentage for a slot game and can be found in the game regulations section.

The highest recorded RTP in a slot game is around 99%, showcasing the potential for favorable returns.

While RTP provides insight into long-term returns, volatility is a separate factor that influences short-term risk and reward.

Slot machines’ RTPs are regularly audited by gaming authorities to ensure accuracy and fairness.


Players who want to make educated choices and get the most out of their gaming experiences will find this tool extremely helpful. It is essential to remember that, even though RTP plays a large part, slot games remain, at their core, games of chance and that luck plays a significant role in each session. Therefore, the next time you play a Cwinz slot machine, you’ll have a greater understanding of how RTP affects your gaming trip, providing an additional layer of excitement to each spin.

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