How to Play Teen Patti | A Fun and Playful Guide

Teen Patti is a card game similar to online poker that can have anywhere from four to seven participants.  The outcome of a game of Teen Patti depends more on the cards you are dealt than on how you play them.  You may find a detailed description of how to play Teen Patti further down on this page.

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What is Teen Patti?

The card game known as Teen Patti is hugely well-liked and is most frequently played in India and other places with large Indian communities around the world. The actual game is assumed to have originated in Europe because it is similar to the game “Three Card Brag” played in the United Kingdom.

What is Teen Patti

Teen Patti, a version of poker played in India, is also known as “Indian Poker” due to the game’s obvious debt to the original poker. The rules of Teen Patti evolved from both Poker and Three Card during the years, decades, and centuries that followed, even though Teen Patti is now recognized as a game in its own right.

Game’s Objective

Game_s Objective

The objective of the game is to gather a greater number of chips than your rivals. Chips can be earned by being the only player left in the hand who did not fold or by holding the poker hand with the highest ranking among all the players still in the hand when it was finished.

Teen Patti Rules

The rank of 2 is the lowest possible score, with Aces being the best possible score. The objective of the game is to improve one’s three-card hand and win the pot before the round is over. The order of these things is as follows:

Teen Patti Rules
  • Trail or Set: Three cards are all of the same rank. The best possible hand is three aces, while the worst is three twos.
  • Pure Sequence: Three identical cards in a row, all of the same suit.
  • Sequence: Three cards are dealt consecutively, none from the same suit.
  • Color: There are three cards of the same suit but not in any particular order.
  • Pair: The winner of a competition between two pairs is the one that has a higher total value. If each pair has the same value, the winner will be determined by the card that serves as the kicker.
  • High Card: This is the hand in which the three cards do not form a sequence, not all cards are of the same suit, and no two cards have the same value. Additionally, no cards in this hand have the same suit. If two players share a high card, the game’s victor will be determined by the player with the next highest card.

How To Play Teen Patti

The ease with which Teen Patti can be played in an online casino is one factor that has contributed to the game’s enduring popularity. Teen Patti can be played with as few as three players and as many as six players using a regular deck of 52 playing cards. You will also need to carry a significant amount of bluster; an innate flair for bluffing is nearly required!

How To Play Teen Patti

Both Poker and Teen Patti share several other similarities, including that bluffing is a prevalent technique in both games and that bluffing is utilized in both games. Ante money is what the players put into the pot when they join the game, and the pot’s value can increase as the game progresses. When calling bets, it is imperative to exercise extreme caution since, although those who raise the stakes may be bluffing, there is always the possibility that they have a mighty hand. As a result, it is essential to play your cards carefully.

Dealing by the Game

Dealing by the Game

The first step of the game is to determine who will act as the dealer. Each player will take a turn drawing a card from the deck, and the person whose card has the highest rank will be the dealer for the round. After the players have posted their ante, the dealer will begin dealing. Every participant will receive three cards, and the dealer will sell them clockwise, starting with themselves. Each of the three cards is handled in the face-down position.

The Outcomes and Payouts of Teen Patti

A variety of conclusions might be reached following a round of Teen Patti. The result will be determined by whether you choose to Fold to Play, whether the dealer meets the qualification requirements, and which player has the better hand.

The Outcomes and Payouts of Teen Patti

Additionally, the majority of live Teen Patti games have an Ante Bonus. Because of the Ante Bonus, the player can get a payout if they have a Straight or better in their hand. The positive aspect is that you can collect this Teen Patti bonus regardless of whether you win the round. If you have a Straight or better, you win the pot and get to keep the money.


Teen Patti combines both luck and skill. While luck determines the cards you receive, skillful betting and reading opponents can significantly improve your chances of winning.

Yes, many online platforms offer real-money Teen Patti games. Choose a reputable and secure platform for a safe gaming experience.

In such cases, the player with the higher-ranking individual cards wins. If those are the same, the players usually split the pot.


Teen Patti is a cultural phenomenon that simultaneously symbolizes strategy, companionship, and enjoyment. It is something beyond a game. The excitement of playing Teen Patti is consistent regardless of whether it is done at a merry get-together or through the Cwinz internet platform.

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